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About Us

About Us
Creative Solutions and Real Results, 100% of the Time.

CirrusTel is a team of Cloud and Telecommunications experts with global capabilities, funded through private investment with the objective to help the CIO and CFO design, use and manage technology to transform their business and improve outcomes. Disruption is the norm in technology. Let us help you stay ahead of the curve!

  • Digital transformation WAN strategies to improve productivity & performance of applications, data and people.
  • Making sense of “the Cloud” - public, private and hybrid solutions-including readiness assessments.
  • Geo-redundant solutions - data center, applications and cloud fabrics.
  • Identifying readiness and a migration plan to SD-WAN.
  • Identifying state-of-the-art voice options including unified communications.
  • Performing network security assessments.
  • Conducting network optimization reviews.
  • Identifying cost improvement areas including invoice consolidation.
  • Managing the RFP/RFI process including vendor selection.
  • Risk mitigation including reducing the dependency on a single service provider’s solution.
  • Implementing metrics to better manage service provider SLA's, billing and project management.
  • Providing analytics for executive briefings.
Based on decades of experience using concepts like Six Sigma, ITIL and ISO the executives at Cirrus have developed a proven model to help you with your Wide Area Network, Cloud and Voice needs. Defining the correct technology path while helping companies mitigate the risks of migration and implementations is our core focus area!

Leadership includes:

Jon Kaufman, CEO
Jon has built several telecommunications businesses from the ground-up by providing high tech telecommunications solutions as an alternative to the major telecom carriers. Placing an emphasis on providing first class customer care and applications support proved to be what customers wanted and was missing in the industry. An Honors Economics graduate of Stony Brook University, with 30+ years of industry experience, Jon has constantly monitored all facets of the business, delivering customers cutting edge technology while ensuring growth and profitability of his companies.

George Hampton, Managing Partner
30+ years telecom experience helping corporations, public sector organizations, non-profits and service and technology providers achieve operational excellence and faster growth.

Areas of expertise include:
  • Extensive telecom carrier background.
  • Product selection & solution design.
  • Vendor identification & selection.
  • Vendor management.
  • Contract negotiation.
  • Market and technology guidance.
  • Benchmarking.

Sean Marcil, Managing Partner & VP Sales
20+ years experience in a variety of senior management and/or C-level positions including CFO and COO. Sean's expertise includes helping corporations, public sector entities, non-profits and service and technology providers to understand and apply a wide array of technology allowing them to accelerate their digital business.

Areas of expertise include:
  •  An extensive Solution Provider background.
  •  Helping companies design, manage and use technology to improve outcomes.
  •  Managing the RFP/RFI process.
  •  Consulting including solution design.
  •  Financial analysis including ROI.

Our Approach

Our Approach

: We start every engagement by conducting a baseline audit of the current invoices and vendor agreements. Next, we reconcile the invoices to existing customer diagrams. After a complete review of the status quo, we meet with you to gather and define all business requirements from 4 key areas: security, financial, operational and technical.

Diagnose: Next, we begin to white board designs which address the identified business requirements and we identify clear solution alternatives from our portfolio of over 250 service providers. Strong partnerships with top technology providers allows us to design best-of-breed solutions.  Once these solutions are defined, we secure proposals from service providers on your behalf. After analyzing the proposals, we create a detailed scorecard ranking the leading alternatives. Our recommendations are always Service Provider neutral.

Validate: We facilitate Service Provider meetings with the highest ranked Service Providers to explore their solutions. Next, we create a Technology Score Card. The Scorecard is designed to enable you to make the most educated decision for your business. We will use our experience and expertise and provide you with recommendation’s, but final decision is yours.

Implement: Once decisions are made, a Cirrus Project Manager (PM) is assigned to coordinate delivery of the services ordered and to manage the overall project. The PM will monitor the Service Provider project plan to ensure any risks are identified, milestones are met and the desired results are achieved.

Measure: Cirrus will provide Report Cards to quantify success in meeting Service Provider intervals and other pertinent objectives and also perform a first invoice review.

  The Cirrus team will remain engaged with you for the life-cycle of the Service Provider agreements to help facilitate moves, adds, changes and we will help you negotiate contract renewals.

Our Products


IaaS DRaaS UCaaS CCaaS PaaS


Internet MPLS VPLS VPWS Private Line Fixed Wireless Satellite

Managed Services

SD-WAN Router/Switch DataCenter Helpdesk Security TEM


Space Power Cooling Security Cloud Ports Cross Connects Seats/Suites


Cellular Phone 3G/4G/5G IOT MDM


Hosted Telephony SIP​ PRI​ Analog​ Long Distance​ Toll Free​


ID Theft Protection

Webinar Series

Past Events

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AVANT | CIO Insights 21 Jul 2020 Online Event
AVANT | CIO Insights 19 May 2020 Online Event
DataBank | Beyond Disaster Recovery 28 Apr 2020 Online Event
AVANT | CIO Insights 21 Apr 2020 Online Event

Our Services

Our Services
  • Developing digital transformation strategies to improve productivity & performance of applications, data and people.
  • Identifying readiness for a software defined future.
  • Conducting a network resiliency strategy assessment.
  • Identifying public, private and hybrid cloud alternatives.
  • Selecting the right data center.
  • Conducting network optimization assessments.
  • Performing technology lifecycle reviews.
  • Identifying state-of-the-art voice options including unified communications.
  • Performing network security assessments.
  • Coordinating wireless site studies.
  • Identifying cost improvement areas.
  • Developing strategies to reduce the dependency risk on any one service provider’s services.
  • Implementing metrics to better manage service provider SLA's, billing & project management.
  • Providing analytics for executive briefings within the firm.
  • Managing the RFP/RFI process.

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